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I have a habit of filming many of my practice sessions, recordings and gigs to give me

more of an idea on the areas in which I need to improve. I’m going to regularly update this

page with video content, and I hope whoever watches them is able to benefit from them as

much as I have! As always, thank you for taking the time to Like, Share and view my work!

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Some improvised chops in 7/4. Here I was just

trying to work on some new ideas to help me

improve my over-the-barline fills, syncopation

between the hands and kick, and always

emphasizing the one, whilst using odd phrasing.

Tower of Power-inspired grooves for my old

funk band’s track, “Drunk”. The drum break

is also a Tower of Power lick from the track

“Soul Vaccination”.

Working on my fast swing, whilst trying to

explore a few different patterns in the right

hand and kick.

A few simple Improvised grooves in 4/4, with a

few chops and embellishments. Largely based

on the ‘Fatback Groove’ by Dennis Chambers, 

and some of the gospel-type fills as seen played

by guys like Mike Mitchell and Teddy


Working on keeping the left hand pulse while

comping with as much syncopation as

possible. I spend a lot of time studying Mark

Guiliana’s playing and many of the ideas are

inspired by his incredible playing.

Another ‘Secoia Soul’ track called ‘Mind

Games’. It has a very laid back RnB feel with

loads of space to play around in.

Working on some even faster swing patterns. I’ve

always found it to be good practice to push the

metronome to the absolutely limit - not for the

purpose of trying to play as fast as possible, but 

instead to see what subdivisions you fail to explore

and improvise within at higher tempos.

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Here is some ‘Drumcam’ footage of a recording session

with The Break-beat Quartet. Drum Solo at 4:00 for

the drummers out there! We are currently working on