Shannon Killarney

Shannon Killarney has been working as a professional drummer for the past 4 years, performing hundreds of gigs around the UK each year. Shannon has worked with reputable names in reggae, country, blues, jazz, funk, rock, metal, indie, and taught drum lessons to students, ranging from absolute beginners to advanced players. Read more about Shannon's previous work below.


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Dennis Bovell

Dennis Bovell is one of the UK's most established recording and performing artists in the dub reggae scene. He has co-written songs with Rhianna and Joss Stone, as well as produced albums for Madness, Fela Kuti and Bananarama. His music featured on the UK cult classic film, 'Babylon'. His dub reggae band Matumbi are still regarded as one of the best reggae outfits to ever come from the UK. Shannon played drums for Dennis Bovell on his UK tour.



TOVA are a London-based rock band currently signed to manager Lisa Buddy, of Chaos & Bedlam Management. Their latest singles "Living Like Ghosts" and "Sugar Rush" feature Shannon on kit. Shannon has also performed gigs with the band in London, Watford as well as the world-renowned Camden Rocks Festival.

Good King Steady

Good King Steady is one of the most musical, unique, eclectic and inspiring bands to come out of Manchester in recent years - the band fuses elements of dub reggae (with live dub FX), hip-hop, afrobeat, and jazz. The band has performed support slots for well-estbalished artists including The Undercover Hippy and Captain Accident. The band performed at Not a Cult festival 2019 and is due to perform at the UK's largest reggae festival One Love Festival soon.


Mark Anthony Jones

Mark Anthony Jones is a New York-born session musician who has worked alongside Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Roots and D-Angelo. He moved to Manchester nearly 10 years ago to settle down. Shannon performed with Mark in an original funk music project drawing inspiration from Prince and James Brown.

Chieftain Rocco

Shannon has been working on original electronic music compositions drawing influences from Flume, Bonobo and his good friend Zeph, Son of Cushi, an incredible electronic music producer in the Manchester music scene. Shannon is currently focusing much of his time and effort into his original electronic music with the intention of selling it to music libraries for sync licencing deals.


Jade Helliwell

Jade Helliwell is one of the most established artists on the UK country music circuit with over 100,000 total social media followers. Shannon worked alongside Jade and her fantastic band for a series of gigs and festival slots in 2018, including Blackthorn Festival, Nashville Meets London, the British Country Music Association awards ceremony, and FSA Festival.

Ashley Sherlock

Ashley Sherlock is an up-and-coming blues artist who is making a name for himself on the UK blues rock music scene. Shannon recorded on Ashley's first EP and performed gigs with him nationwide including shows at Lechlade Festival, Offcut Festival, Macclesfield Festival, and support slots for blues legend Kyla Brox.


Ruff Trade

RUFF TRADE are very well known around Manchester as they are often seen playing reggae music on Market Street and in the outer town centres of Greater Manchester. Shannon worked with the band for a year, playing function gigs and festival slots all over the country. Much of the band's work comes from backing international reggae artists when they come to tour the UK. Through RUFF TRADE, Shannon has performed with Jamaican reggae artist Keith Poppin, and UK dub reggae legend Dennis Bovell.

The UK Drum Show

Shannon worked at The UK Drum Show 2019, helping run the Mike Dolbear Masterclass room. Shannon helped run tech for some of the biggest names in the drumming world including Ben Thomas (of Rag'N'Bone Man), Matty Brown (Stormzy, Olly Murs), Cherisse Osei (Paloma Faith, Simple Minds), and Beanie Bhehbe (Rudimental), to name a few.



Silverstone are a rock covers band who frequently perform all around the North West and Wales. The band, led by Rik Green, with Mark Wagstaff, Chris Norris or Jack Grice on bass, have been playing almost every weekend throughout the year. Shannon has been with the band for 2 years playing weddings, pub gigs and gigs for the British Army.

Co.UK Function Band

Co.uK are one of the top-ranked function bands nationwide and pride themselves on claiming the top spot on Garston – one of the leading function band agencies. Shannon has worked with the band as a dep, performing weddings on the South coast, holiday parks around the country, and corporate gigs for some of the UK’s largest companies.


The New Coast are a London-based pop/indie rock outfit with airplay credits on Made in Chelsea - Shannon worked with the band as a session musician in London.

Cane & Grain Jam Night

Cane & Grain is one of the Northern Quarter's most popular and lively bars - The Breakbeat Quartet (Alex Hill, Chris Rogers, Ali Roocroft, Alisdair Simpson & Paul Anderson) hosted the jam night there every Tuesday, bringing together some of Manchester's top jazz, funk and hip hop artists.


The Get Back Beats

Shannon has been working as a regular dep for The Get Back Beats - a 60s/The Beatles cover band - for a couple of years. The band gigs nationwide performing at weddings, birthdays, and charity events and in local bars and pubs.


Flizbit are a function band based in the North West who performed weekly gigs in Manchester’s local bars, and frequent function gigs further afield. Shannon helped create the band, the band's promo package, and he helped compose the band’s unique funk arrangements of popular songs from the 60s to the present day.


The Overture

The Overture are a 3 piece rock/britpop covers band that plays well-known classics from the 60s onwards led by Charlie Whittaker on guitar and vocals. Shannon has been working as a regular dep for this band for the past 2 years.

Cask & Kiln Jam Night

The Cask & Kiln Jam night in Chorlton was a popular place for musicians to come together and make music together. Shannon organized the jam night with his band Flizbit as the house band and the night attracted many of Chorlton’s top local funk, jazz, and hip-hop musicians.


Jam Street Café Jam Night

Jam Street Café is one of the most popular jam nights in South Manchester hosting some of the city’s most popular reggae artists. Shannon has helped host this jam night with his band Good King Steady, and they always ensure to keep the night lively.

256 Jam & Open Mic

256 is one of Manchester's most popular student bars and the jam attracted tonnes of incredible musicians every week. The jam had a variety of different house bands over the years including Flizbit, RUFF TRADE and Good King Steady, with Shannon as the main organizer.


The Funk Puppies

The Funk Puppies are a North Manchester-based 3-piece band, led by the incredible multi-instrumentalist Byron Wilson, who regularly perform in a bandaoke style, whereby audience members request the band to play their favourite songs on the fly. Shannon has been working with this band as a regular dep performing gigs around Oldham and Manchester.

Andy Prentice/Ten Rooms Audio

Andy Prentice is a fantastic multi-instrumentalist and lecturer at Manchester College - he has been creating library music for sync liscencing for a number of years. Shannon has recorded drum tracks for a number of his original electronic pieces with the intention of taking the music to the stage soon.


Howlin' Heap & The Delta Force

Howlin' Heap & The Delta Force are a newly-formed blues project, fronted by Gaz Heap, that pays homage to the sounds of the deep south as authentically as possible. Shannon has been recording in the studio for Gaz at 'Studio Studio' with engineer Pete Troughton.

The Breakbeat Quartet

The Breakbeat Quartet came together mainly to pay homage to the fantastic music of Janek Gwizdala, Billy Cobham, Django Reinhardt and Roy Hargrove. For a year, the band ran one of Manchester’s most popular jam nights at Cane & Grain in Manchester's Northern Quarter, bringing together amazing musicians and having a huge amount of fun in the process.


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